Regain Control & Optimize Your Relationship with Food!

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Regain Control & Optimize Your Relationship with Food!

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How The JA Method Works?

Weight loss, scientifically, is a simple process where one should decrease their food intake. However, as most of you know, this is quite challenging to commit to in the long run.

Numerous diets seem attractive for their fast results, but most only work in the short term. To see long-term results that truly stick, a lifestyle change is necessary where both the mindset and approach to food and eating need to change.

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The JA Method focuses on optimizing your behavior towards a healthy lifestyle, starting with your eating habits.

The JA Method relies on self-monitoring of weight and food. Equally, it relies on  mindfulness and a cognitive control of eating.

This method will empower you to regain control over your thinking and eating behaviors.

JA Program

A program that Revolves around you!

All strategies for weight loss management in the program are based on evidence-based studies. In certain cases, medications, surgery and other alternative methods (such as acupuncture and hypnosis) may be advised based on an individual’s specific needs. This method adopts the psychosocial model of healthcare and so every person will be examined in the context of their environment, physical and mental wellness.

However, the cornerstone of the JA Method is a behavioral cognitive change that will lead to a healthier body and lifestyle.


The ja method is For you if:

  • 01

    You are tired of quick fixes

  • 02

    You aim for long term weight maintenance

  • 03

    You are ready to change the way you are now

  • 04

    You are ready to commit for at least 1 year

  • 05

    You are ready to question and challenge yourself

  • 06

    You are ready to learn new things & new habits

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The ja method Personal journey

So many people today suffer from the frustration that comes from the inability to  maintain a healthy body weight.

The JA Method is a culmination of my successful personal experience with overcoming obesity and my medical and scientific knowledge as a family medicine physician. I have struggled with obesity ever since I was a teenager, and I tried everything to become healthy but nothing stuck. I tried all kinds of diets, resisted calorie counting, and even bought weight loss machines to use at home.

Finally, I have found a method that can help me be at peace with my physical appearance and at the same time, still enjoy delicious food.

After discovering a method that is flexible, applicable, and easy to commit to, I am passionate about spreading this information to others to help them reach the healthiest version of themselves.

JA Journey

I believe no journey towards a healthy lifestyle is the same, but there are certain practices that guide the success of this journey. I have been there and passed through the same struggles.

The JA Method will give you the skills that will guide you through the journey.

How is the program Broken down

  • 1st month

    Weekly sessions

  • months 2 & 3

    A session every 2 weeks

  • months 4 - 6

    A session every month

  • months 7 - 12

    A session every 2 months

  • After a year

    It is best to continue every 3 months

Remember obesity is a chronic disease that needs regular checkups

Would you like to get started at your own pace instead?

Register for one of the below JA Method courses and follow at your own pace.


Lose 10% of Your Weight in 3 Months with JA METHOD Simplified Calories Counting

This course is designed to help you learn a flexible sustainable way of eating. There will be no strict diet or forbidden food. You will be in control of what, when and how much you eat based on your goal of weight loss or maintenance. During the course, we will address motivation and readiness to change, learn a simplified method for calorie counting using your hand and a tablespoon and have access to a mobile application that will help you to self-monitor and lose weight.

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